How to Profit From a Hobby Farm

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Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms are springing up all over the country. One of the questions would then be how to profit from a farm such as this? You have several different options as to how best to accomplish this. You need to know the right soil types for the type of farm that you have, as well as what crops you can grow. You also need to decide if this is going to be a poultry or goat hobby farm. Maintaining the land and water goes along with this. You also need to be able to know how to market your hobby farm.

The business side of farming

On the business side of farming you have to know what you can profit from before you even get started. Some things will profit more than others. Climate, competition, labor requirements, buildings, water, regulations and permits as well as access to water are all going to play important factors in the final decision. One idea would be not to specialize in any one market. Diversity is the key to making a profit from your hobby farm. It will take experimentation to find the right fit for your hobby farm to become profitable.

Niches for Hobby Farms

Knowing what the niches are for hobby farms can be valuable information. You have several different options for specialization such as grass fed beef, heirloom vegetables, game birds, goats, essential oils, farmhouse cheese and wine for example. This is just a short listing of what can be profitable niches for your hobby farm. Be aware however, that fads are just that, fads. They do not help you with profitability from your hobby farm. Non-domesticated animals can be a fad. There is a good reason why they are not domesticated and you should stay away from all fad farming. The money simply is not there.

Soil, Water and Climate

Knowing your soil, water, climate and knowing the sustainability of your land may also dictate what you farm. Soil exhaustion can cause a hobby farm to crash. Have some idea what the soil is like for your farm. Taking care of the soil will help it to bounce back from over farming. Over cultivation is one reason for soil failure. The way to remedy this is to either limit your cultivation of the soil or use compost, organic matter, green manure, farmyard manure and rotations to preserve the soil.

Using agricultural lime is a good way to correct the soil acidity. A soil test should be done to determine what the acidity of the land is in the first place. You also have to know about the climate in question and know what your water supply is going to be. Over or under watering the land can be devastating to crops. All of these things should be taken into account so that your hobby farm is the most profitable that it can be. Each of the factors will factor into the other. Knowing about all these ideas can help you to make your hobby farm very profitable and a joy to work with.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Menu?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Today is our Thanksgiving Day. We are planning for family and friends to start showing up around lunch time today and will stay with us all day. Some people may even stay all night with us. This morning my husband has the yard and porch all set up and ready for the over flow of people we are expecting to start showing up. I am very excited and buzzing around making sure everything it ready.


Yesterday I started cooking so I can just enjoy everyone’s company today. What I am adding to our Thanksgiving Day Feast?

  • 1 Baked Ham, sliced
  • 1 Roasted Turkey (15 lbs) with dressing
  • 1 large bowl of Collards
  • 1 large bowl of Turnips greens with the roots
  • 1 Lemon Pound Cake
  • 1 Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing
  • 2 Egg Custard pies
  • Fresh Kumquats, Tangerines, Apples and Bananas
  • 1 plater of sliced onions, tomatoes, pickles
  • 1 saucer with homemade Cranberry Sauce
  • 4 Jugs of Sweet Tea

The coffee Pot will be working over time today too. I just hope someone brings paper plates so we don’t have a lot of dishes to wash. What are your plans for today?

After eating our midday meal, we are saddling up our horses today and allowing the kids to ride along with the adults. We are bringing out the horse shoe game too. And for those that like to play basket ball we have that covered too.

The weather is sunny and a little cool with a high around 60 degrees F. We will still be able to sit outside and enjoy our desserts and coffee while we watch the 12 grandchildren playing along with our 6 children.

I am not worries about having to feed all the animals, because the kids think we own a petting zoo and they love helping feed the animals.

We here on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!



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Adding to our Herd of Horses

0908131833d_1This morning our house in in a rush to to get their +breakfast finished and all the animals feed too. Why do you ask? We are planning on adding two more female +horses to our farm this afternoon.


My husband and daughter are checking the the fencing to reassure it is secure. They are inspecting the horse trailer to make sure it is safe to use to transport the two new horses.


Everyone is so excited. We already have a +Cremello Quarter horse (Pictured above) and a Tennessee Walking Horse. The two horses that we are adding to the farm are Buckskin Quarter #horses.


Photo is the property of Teresa Fikes

This post is copyrighted. Plagiarism is punishable by law and I will proscute the person doing it.

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6 Top Heirloom Tomatoes

Many people who have tasted an heirloom tomato would agree it was the most delicious tomato they had ever eaten. These tomatoes are grown from tomato seeds that have been saved and passed through countless generations to persons or families. Tomato heirloom seeds have created some of the most flavorful and high producing tomatoes that continue to amaze and excite people all over the world. These are 6 Top Heirloom Tomatoes that are very popular.

ece913bf0d6f7803eaa9e2074cd783b5Brandywine heirloom tomatoes is one of the most well-known heirloom tomatoes. Many experts classify it as the most delicious tomatoes that can be found. These tomatoes are large and red, weighing around 2 pounds each. Their production is plentiful and they continue to produce more and more tomatoes once they begin. Brandywine heirloom seeds date back to the late 1800s. These tomatoes become ripe after 85 days from transplanting.

old-germanGold Rush Currant heirloom tomatoes grow in clusters of small tangerine colored fruits that are very juicy and sweet. They also produce in copious amounts consistently and are ready to be picked 80 days after transplanting. Yellow or brightly colored tomatoes are also considered to be sweeter than red tomatoes.

54bd7edf744b8b197cf740c51d3c8800The Super Snow White heirloom tomatoes are like big cherries that just keep increasing upon itself when production starts. They create bundles of light yellow fruits that are resistant to breaking of the skin and are loved for their remarkably syrupy taste. These tomatoes are ready to be picked 75 days after transplanting.

imagesBeams Yellow Pear heirloom tomatoes have been around since the 1800s and, as its name suggests, is a small pear shaped fruit that is golden-yellow in color. It produces many of these tomatoes and they serve as excellent juicy snacks because their sweet flavor. This tomato also produces an indefinite amount and becomes ripe after 70 days.

Black Cherry TomatoBlack Cherry heirloom tomatoes are also another popular and loved variety of tomatoes. These tomatoes are a dark reddish-purple in color and have a flavor that bursts on the tongue with its sweet-sourness. It is not as sweet as many other heirloom tomatoes but it is still very delicious. Black cherry tomatoes ripen very quickly and produce large amounts of fruit throughout the entire season. They normally are ready to be harvested after only 65 days.

images (2)The Cuban Yellow Grape heirloom Tomato is another top tomato of its kind. These are small grape-like shaped tomatoes that grow in clumps together. Copious amounts are produced  and the fruits are very sweet. These tomatoes take 90 days to become ripe.

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Hobby Farm Life Ramblings

Hobby Farm Life Ramblings for June 23rd. This is my account of things we had done so far on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm.

During the Winter we added Horse manure to the garden plot. Yellow Straight Neck Squash have gone crazy. My goal was 52 qts for the year. I made that, gave away several buckets full to kids, my mother, and friends. We are still canning Squash today and will need to pick it again tomorrow.

We planted Country Gentleman White corn, but it didn’t do well. I just discovered some of the ears have Smut on them. We had to burn them. We do plan to plant more for a second garden later. Did get some cornsilk to dry for my medicine cabinet.
Stan went crazy on planting all the seeds I gathered and didn’t realize he had planted okra. It is not even a foot tall and is trying to bloom on us.Don’t think it is gonna do good either.
Our Cabbage Collards are doing fine. I planted them thick and we have been eating what we thin out. I have even managed to can a few qts of them.
Our Tomatoes are just beginning to make, we have Homestead and Cherokee Purple ripen now. We have some Pink Oxheart and Cherry Tomatoes that are a bout half grown.
Our cucumbers are just now producing and we got a whole total of 3 yesterday. Which was enough for Stan and me to eat for supper. Went well with the tomatoes, onions and Red Romaine lettuce we are growing too.
We are eager for our cantaloupes and Moon n Stars Watermelons to produce. They are covered in blooms now.
Our Blueberrie made a couple of pints this year (only one year old plants).
Grass is getting away from us too. Our riding lawnmower is in need of repairs and the other two are working as hard as they can to get the whole place mowed. (2 skinny horses that are now getting a little belly on them).
Stan works in a grocery store as a butcher. He brings home the old produce to give to all our animals. Brought home 7 banana boxes. One of which was filled with speckled bananas. Peeled a few and no spots inside. Putting up banana jam and canned bananas today.
We are raising chickens, ducks, pigs and dogs. Oh and four grandkids during the summer. Stan is looking for someone that can teach him to dress a hog this fall. At the store he gets them already gutted and ready to cut up. Will be a new learning experience.
Well gotta go figure out what to do with all these squash. Thank you for reading my Hobby Farm Life Ramblings today.


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Part 1: Rescue Tennessee Walking Horses

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband and I have just added one #Tennessee Walking #Horse and one quarter horse that are rescue to our Hobby Farm. The one that is a #Tennessee #Walking Horse is Red with a Strawberry Blonde Maine and Tail. He is a senior horse at the age of 19 years. His previous owner told us that he was a show horse but once he was injured they could not afford to keep him. Since he was a Gelding they could not even breed him to earn any money.

We were told over a year ago, this once beautiful horse got loose and darted out in front of a car that was pulling into the parking area. No human was hurt, but this beautiful thoroughbred Tennessee Walker was on the ground with a shattered knee.

This horse was going to cost them a lot in Veterinarian Bills in the hopes he would heal properly and once again have the high stepping gait he once had. They backed off on his food to remove any extra weight he had in the hopes of the knee healing the way it should. The efforts were fruitless. Scar tissue developed and the Veterinarian told them he would never be able to be put through the rigorous exercises he once did. The Veterinarian told them he could only be a pet no riding this horse by an adult. He was even nervous about putting a child on him for fear the horse would stumble and fall with the weak knee, thus, causing the child riding him to get hurt.

Please view the video below to learn more about this breed of horse;

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Canning Chicken Stock

After purchasing several 10 lbs bags of chicken thigh quarters last week, I have a lot of Chicken Stock. However, I don’t have a lot of room in my freezer. My idea is to can some of the stock to use during the winter months and for other dishes that call for chicken sotck.

I have never done pressure canning before so this is a first time for me. I decided to visit grandma lynda on youtube to see how she does hers. Please watch along with me here:

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It’s Christmas! Get Christmasy!

images (17)Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Christ. We all have traditions, but the decorating seems to be the trend everywhere.

At Christmas time, many are thinking about all the decorations, the snow for some areas, the holiday themed dishes, Santa and of course, the Christmas crafts.

But what Christmas is really all about is giving. Our children are the ones that light up the most during this favorite time of year. One of the greatest joys in life is to see their faces light up around the Christmas season.

I will be posting a few Christmas crafts which is will put a smile on those cute little faces and will not hurt your pocket book either.


images (15)

In many families, making Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree with them is a big part of their holiday tradition. So grab some safety scissors, colorful papers, sequins, ribbons and whatever else you want to throw in and have fun with your kids making your own reindeer, snowmen, and other decorative ornaments.

A brown paper bag can easily be made into a reindeer. All you need is a pom pom for the nose, some construction paper for the antlers and a pair of googly eyes. It is easy and fun. The kids can get as creative as they can and even come up with their own reindeer characters.

images (16)

Home Made Pine Cone Trees Decorations

All you need to do to make these is to go out and pick up some nice pine cones (try to avoid the ones with too much sap), and these can be used as miniature Christmas trees. The kids can have a gala time decorating them any way they like. For example, cotton balls can be used for snow, red bows, sequins, buttons, pom poms or tinsel can be used as ornaments to decorate them. This particular Christmas craft can then be used as a decoration on the actual Christmas tree as well. How cool is that!

images (14)

Hand Print Wreaths

Now here is a fun Christmas craft, Hand print wreaths. They are easy to make. Take some green drawing paper, trace your hand and then clip it out. Next you need to glue some 10-12 of these together to form a ring, this then can be further decorated with bows from gift wrapping boxes, silver bells from the store and even hand written Christmas messages. These are amazing and it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment when they help you make them.

Christmas is all about having fun with the family. And for the kids, all that needs to be done is focusing on a fun task and making the most of the holiday by doing it all together.


images (10)

Homemade Christmas Crafts

Learn how to make traditional and new Christmas craft gift ideas, tips, recipes, Christmas craft suppliers, how to’s and other helpful guides for the holiday season. The page contains all the latest and easy to follow instructional videos, e-books and interesting articles about Christmas and more. Read all about it from here and learn.

Read more of my post here:

Just a few of my other blogs:

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Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome Review

Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome Industrial, Harware, Tools, SupplyDelta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome offers water effectiveness with no sacrifice in comfort. This showerhead lowers the electric bill, yet still provides the performance of a full-spray.  The Delta Faucet 75152 showerhead converged Water Sense principles by providing two different flow speeds and spray patterns. It has four huge spray holes, which are designed for easy cleaning and anti-clogging.

A dual setting gives water-saving comfort with high-volume spray. It operates at 1.85 gallons a minute without sacrificing performance. You are saving water and energy. It delivers a drenching spray covering the entire body. The shower head has a convenient lever to control the volume. You can tweak the water settings, which will save on energy and extend the amount of hot water in your tank. It comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions and a lifetime warranty.



  • Energy – and water-saving shower head
  • The motion of the water will not clog up due to minerals in the water
  • A durable metal ball connector
  • Simple installation
  • Operating at 1.85 gallons per minute


What Customers Are Saying

The BEST shower head i have bought !!!” -J. Rodgers

“Simple to install. Works great in my old apt that has no water pressure. Much more enjoyable to shower now.” –Gabriel Flores

Some reviewers stated the pressure was little too strong for them but I all the ratings were good for this shower head. Aside from this minor complaint, most every reviewer is swearing by it. Many are singing its praises over the silent, steady flow that gives just the right pressure.

It has a low level of pipe noise and produces an increased water flow pressure. This in turn saves on the amount of time it takes to rinse off and causes the user to spend less time in the shower, saving money on electric bills.  The H2OKinetics technology distributes less water by 36 percent than the regular showerheads, even though the flow of the water feels like the traditional style shower and it feels warmer longer due to the larger droplets.

This Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome creates an excellent pressure with only 2.5 gpm, and it gives a full coverage spray. Air that is added to the water helps boost the water pressure, which causes it to sting slightly; however, it feels more like a massage. This showerhead has a four-jets spraying pattern that offers a full coverage spray over the whole body, giving the feeling of hotter water.

The Delta Adjustable Shower Head is incredibly well built. On the 1.8 setting it has an enjoyable soft spray; however, it still has enough power to rinse off the soap. The 2.5 setting has really good water pressure that penetrates into your scalp when the hair is being washed.


1. Alluringly pleasing
2. A lifetime Warranty
3. Simple to install
4. Saves on Water usage ad still have the right pressure
5. Have two different settings – the water-saving 1.85 gpm and a high volume 2.5 gpm
6. The pressure of the water feels more powerful
7. Spray holes do not need to be clean
8. Inexpensive and wonderful value for the money


1. May cause excessive amounts of time I the shower.
2. Will cause buying extras for the other bathroom showers



While it may be true that some consumers didn’t like the strong pressure of the water, overall the reviews were positive. They found the light stinging water pressure pleasurable. By combining the comfort and the fact you save energy by using the Delta Faucet 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead with H2OKINETIC Technology, Chrome, you cannot go wrong during your shower time.



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Housing Turkeys on a Farm

Turkeys on path

Image via Wikipedia

The aim of housing turkeys is to protect them from sun, rain, wind, predators and provide comfort. In hotter areas, the long axis of the house should run from East to West.

The distance between two houses should be at least 15 meters and the young stock house should be separate from the adult house. The width of the open house should not exceed 9 meters.

The height of the house may vary from 2 to 3.3 meters from the floor to roof. An overhang of one meter should be provided to avoid the rainwater splash. The floor of the houses should be cheap, durable and safe, preferably moisture proof concrete.

When turkeys are reared under deep litter system, the general housing conditions are similar to those of chicken but care should be taken to provide adequate floor space to accommodate them, water containers and feeders. Turkey is a large bird, therefore 0.4 to 0.5 square meters per bird is recommended.

Usually a turkey house has a rectangular or square floor-base and made from wooden planks, roofing sheets, wire mesh and light fittings. In some cases, 0.75 meter height of block work forms the base of the house and the remaining height is covered with wire mesh.  A brooding area with a heating source is essential for the first three or four weeks.  This should be sectioned off and draught proofed. Young turkeys are weaned off heat gently and carefully over several days. The floor should be provided with good litter or bedding such as chopped straw or white wood shavings. House size is based on the maximum number of adult birds to be housed any particular time.

Newly hatched turkeys leave an incubator temperature of 38 degree centigrade. Because of their inability to maintain body heat (due to lack of feathering) they must be placed in draught free surroundings of 37 degree centigrade for the first day, reducing by 0.5 per day until they are sufficiently well feathered to be able to thrive without the aid of artificial heat.

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Preserving the Bounty from Your Hobby Farm

2013-05-19 15.26.21Hobby Farms have a bounty that should be preserved. It will depend on what you are farming as to how best to preserve the bounty, which is available. If it is vegetables you are farming, then canning and preserving them cannot only give you food for the winter, they can also be sold at a profit. Freezing, dehydrating and canning are all ways to preserve the bounty of your garden. This is just one avenue for preserving the bounty of your garden. Now if you are dealing with milk or meat, you have different options.

Farmers CheeseDiary can be turned into milk or cheese. Depending on your options that are available, the extra cheese can either be sold or aged for later selling. Preserving milk from milk animals requires the process of refrigeration and pasteurization in order to keep it from going bad. Making ice cream can be an option to freezing milk. Milk can be used in many different recipes as well as being dried to make powdered milk options. Cheese making allows you to age the cheese until it is ready for sale or consumption. Storing it in a dark and cool place will keep it from going bad.

smoked meatWhen you are talking about meat, you need to be able to freeze meat after the slaughter in order to preserve the bounty.  This pertains to goats, hogs, beef and other meat bearers. Keeping it in the freezer marked with the date is the best way to preserve meat unless you want dried meat such as jerky for example. Pemmican can also be made with several different meat products. You can also dehydrate it as you can with vegetables for storage and later use. So there are many different ways to go about doing this.

Herbs driedNow if you are raising flowers and herbs, you can dry them or freeze dry them. Having a greenhouse can be a good way to have them year round. Also taking care of the soil as well as the plant will keep the plant coming back around time and time again. Herbs and flowers are very popular when it comes to hobby farms. This makes a good bit of money so knowing how to properly store your herbs and flowers after they are cut can make all the difference in the world.

Dried Fruit in a jarWhen it comes to fruit, you can dehydrate, can or freeze fruits for later usage. Canning, dehydrating and freezing are all ways to preserve the bounty of your hobby farm. Taking care of your farm and its resources is another way to preserve the bounty. Rotate crops, use land conservation and organic matter to fertilize, as well as pest control naturally can all help the land to be able to give you the bounty that you want. Taking the time to conserve your land, your seed, your animals and your farm provides great rewards. This is how you preserve the bounty of the hobby farm. It is easy to do no matter what type of farming that you do.

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