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How To Start a Deer Farm

A Herd of deer may be used to produce a material in meat of deer hunting or to restaurants and specialty meat buyers. Initiation of breeding deer may be a large way to earn a living being their own countries. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Rose Disease

Rose bushes are prone to be attacked mostly by four major diseases. Gardeners must be on the alert and be prepared on the different methods of eliminating each enemy. Black Spot Black Spot is a water-borne fungus which appears as … Continue reading

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Building A Cistern Of Water

A few steps to getting under way on having your own cistern. 1*Clear the roof, which will host the second round of collection. Make sure that a large area, with thousand square feet on the roof of freshwater flows into … Continue reading

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A crab boil-Featuring Starbrother!

A down home crab boil-Featuring Starbrother! Whenever I’m in Florida visiting my family, we always have at least one crab boil during the time I’m there. If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending one, it is a simple, yet endlessly … Continue reading

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Honey Beekeeping On The Hobby Farm

Beehive structure will also be manufactured or purchased, as well as tools for keeping bees are smoking, fuel of smokers, gloves, shields, arm guards, toothbrush and  package of queens and also bees.   Understanding Structure of Bee Hive:   Artificial … Continue reading

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The Saturday House

With both Robert and Patsy working two jobs, to accomplish a decent lifestyle for them and their two children, they often managed to get Saturdays off at the same time. Robert and Patsy came from large families and were born … Continue reading

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Sleazy Cheesy Casserole or Refrigerator Stew

Growing up in South Alabama, we often found a dish called Refrigerator Stew on our table. Times were very lean in our household. Both parents had to work two jobs in order for our family to make it. This left … Continue reading

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During Draughts Lightening Can Be Good or Bad

When you have gone for quite some time without rain with everything dry and brittle outside, the roar of thunder and flash of lightening can bring a blessing of rain to the parched areas. Along with the roar and sizzle … Continue reading

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A Surprise in the Chicken Pen

Today I went back out to check on all the animals as it is 101 degrees F. here in Alabama. I was headed to the faucet, so I could give the animals’ fresh cool water. Then something caught my eye … Continue reading

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