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A large, great thing – By Starbrother!

If you’re one of the two or three people on earth who follows my exploits and adventures, you know that I have an undefeatable weakness to four things: 1. Baked goods 2.Talking like a 1950s prospector 3.Country eating/living 4. The … Continue reading

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The Bandit of Confections-A Dramatic Tale,by Starbrother!

Being the oldest of four children has always had its fair share of pros and cons, but one pro that outweighs nearly all the other ones is getting to be the official taste tester of my moms baked goods. But … Continue reading

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Nursing Scrubs

In this world, that we are living in, almost everyone wants to look decent and neat at the same time keeping up with fashion. This trend has been seen in many working environments as it can be seen crawling into … Continue reading

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Going Green Saves Green

If you are like the rest of us, you want to save money. This is true if you are in the world of business. Going green can be a great way to not only save energy but to also save … Continue reading

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Being Prepared

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan Being a single woman has never really affected me too much until my friend Sadie got robbed on the street about a year ago. We live in New York so things like that … Continue reading

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Home Security

Very frequent you must have told your children never to answer the door, or always ask who is before opening the gate. If you’re very much like me, when it comes to child rearing, then it is countless times. Nevertheless … Continue reading

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