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April 2012



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When the heads of various nations met to discuss on how they were going green, wine makers were also included in their discussions. Through long contemplations, they came up with their slogan, “Wines going green”. While one might think they simply made a slogan, wine makers also came up with real-world strategies to implement and follow. These practices were put into place to ensure they were actually supporting their slogan. As the slogan goes, they are committed to developing and implementing bio-dynamic practices that will produce organic and Eco-friendly wines. This idea to go green and produce natural and organic wines originated from wines which contain no sulphates. According to industry reports this new phenomena has started because vineyard owners decided to make a greater commitment to environmental stewardship, economic profitability and social and economic equity.

Through these three goals, wine makers are committed to providing healthy and productive vineyards the keep producing wine products for current and future generations. Wine makers have also committed themselves to make sure that they use minimal amounts of synthetic pesticides in natural wines and zero pesticides in organic wines.

In light of this new natural and organic wine movement, one should be cautious about buying one’s next bottle of natural or organic wine. Determining which wine brands are reputable and which ones should be avoided is the first step. Organic wines are labeled organic and are normally certified by the United States Department of Agriculture or an independent organic certifying agency. If a wine is marketed as organic, but does not have this label, one should either have it verified from the merchant before purchasing or simply not purchase it. There are many types of wine and many wine makers. Logging on to will help you learn more about natural and organic wines and wine in general.

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