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Fried Collard Greens

Collard Greens for cash! That sounds like a great idea. The more you eat the more you make for the coming year. Wow! I will be eating a lot of greens even though I don’t believe in this personally. I … Continue reading

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The Secrets Of Winterizing Your Garden

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New Year’s Day Southerners Traditional Foods: Collards, Pork and Black-eyed Peas

As with many of the superstitions, there will be several ways to answer a question.   In general, it is the belief that black-eyed peas are a lucky entrée for the New Year’s meal. It is especially popular in the southern … Continue reading

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‘A Beginner’s Guide to Using Floral Foam’ by author steph07

Floral foam (also known as Oasis foam) is a very popular product which allows florists to create full and perfectly arranged floral displays. It’s used by pressing the end of the flower stems into the foam to build up the display. … Continue reading

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The Mayan Doomsday, And Why It Doesn’t Spell Doom Part Two

Written by Micheal Stratford The one reason anyone believes that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world is the end-date of the last span recorded, 12/21/2012.  However, it isn’t the only end date in Mayan (aka Maya) records. … Continue reading

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The Mayan Doomsday, And Why It Doesn’t Spell Doom Part One

Written by Micheal Stratford It’s known as the 2012 “phenomenon”, and there are hundreds of websites, crazed tweets and emails, along with nearly a million random comments (averaging around two hundred per website), all about it. We’re going to die, … Continue reading

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