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HostGator-Black-Friday-2013_aNu_21nov2013__250x250_1Trends in business and service sector are changing each day and people are thirsty to get something that over run others in all aspects of customer considerations. People are being trained for better business management and to learn the best marketing skills. These marketing skills are innovative and at the same time carry a lot of attraction for the customer. What else a customer can look for once he is being offered some sort of concession coupons like hostgator coupon with all the best features that anyone dreams of.

Marketing has developed itself as a fully developed business and people are ready to hire these experts into their setup to make the business flourish better. One really needs to project his offers to the customers in order to get the best out of these customers. One cannot also survive in his business set up unless he has a huge customer base.

If the customers are not attracted to your service then definitely the business is going to go down and all the revenues that have been earned earlier will, also, be gone for a waste. These trends in revenue generating sector demand a sensible choice of deals and packages besides projecting it well to the public.

If a service sector has come up with a good deal like that of a hostgator coupon but it has failed to project or market well then for sure there will be no use of this deal. The customer base will not increase because customers are not even aware that such an attractive deal really exists.

These days many new techniques are developing because of the latest technologies that are being used as a mode of reaching potential customers by these marketing experts. Gone are the days of displaying billboards and distributing leaflets.

We often come across mails in our mailbox for some product. We also see ads displayed at the most popular social media sites. We at times find a message in our cell phone about some deal. All these are latest marketing trends.

We cannot deny that offers like hostgator coupon catch the attraction of customers. One just needs to project it well at each forum so that more customers know about it and rush to get the service at earliest. It may seem that the profits will go low due to this concession but it is not so.


29 Nov 2013

President’s Apology


Sitting here enjoying my morning cup of coffee and listening to the news I wonder exactly what is meant by the President’s Apology. Is he sorry he said what he did? Is he sorry his Obamacare is not what he promised? Is he sorry that Americans are now when even less insurance coverage due to the closing of smaller insurance company because they didn’t meet the requirements now. Since some insurance companies didn’t cut the mustard and caused people to lose their insurance coverage, they will now need Obamacare. Hmmm!


What are your ideas on this? It seems we need to look this all over very carefully to make sure we are making the right decisions. I would love to have an affordable insurance that actually pays for the medical issues of all the people of the USA. Many other countries have this, so why can’t America?

Thank you for hearing my ramblings and thoughts this Friday Morning.

Photo taken by Teresa Fikes






08 Nov 2013


Most people with stomach or belly fat may be very vulnerable to gimmicks by other people. It is possible to lose stomach fat within a very short duration by following several tips. These include the following:

Breakfastimages (2)

Eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This may seem inappropriate for those interested in losing weight or fat. Studies have however shown that taking breakfast within one hour after waking up keeps insulin levels stable and help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

One should try as much to eat breakfast at the same time every day. This may require you to establish a routine. It is advisable to include high fiber foods as well as protein in the breakfast. These take a little longer time to be digested than the refined sugars and therefore you can feel full for the better part of the morning.

Avoiding Getting Stressed or Depressed

Studies indicate that the secretion of Cortisol can play a part in the accumulation of stomach fat. Cortisol is the hormone that is released when an individual is stressed.

One can reduce stress by using various strategies such as having time to relax. It is important that one finds some free time which they can forget worries and breathe deeply, irrespective of how busy they might be at home or in the work place. Keeping stressors away from the sleeping area: If possible, one should avoid as much working from their bedroom. Getting enough sleep: One should ensure that they sleep for at least seven hours a day.

Physical Exercisesimages (5)

Physical exercises are one of the major ways to reduce stomach fats as well losing weight. One can take simple physical exercise such as: Walking down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walking to and from work if possible, instead of driving.  A thirty minute walk every day. Visit a gym.

Replacing Refined Grains with Whole Grains

Whole grains have lower sugars but more nutrients than refined grains. Avoiding them as much as possible may enable one to lose their stomach fat.

A diet that contains whole grains usually changes the responses of insulin and glucose in the body. This speeds up the rate of breakdown of fat.


Drinking Plenty of Water

Research shows that drinking water on a consistent basis in the course of the day can result to a metabolism that is more active irrespective of the diet an individual takes. It also helps one’s body to get rid of toxins and waste materials which can result to the improvement of one’s general health.

One should take a glass of water at least eight times during the day. For those who may be travelling, carrying a bottle of water is advisable. One can be able to know when they are dehydrated by checking the colour of their urine. Yellowish urine may indicate dehydration. One should take water immediately.

Losing stomach fat not only enables one to have a great body shape but also improves the overall health of an individual. These tips and others not mentioned can be of great help to one who wants to lose stomach fat.

21 Oct 2013

Betty Crocker Appliances BR-602U Red 2-Slice Toaster

Illuminated bagel button adjusts outside elements to toast bagels the professional way. Illuminated defrost button thaws and then toasts frozen bread. Illuminated reheat button warms previously toasted breads. Cool to touch houseing. Extra wide 38mm slot

27 Dec 2012

Step2 Cozy Kitchen

Let your little chefs blossom in this realistic kitchen will all the features of home! And its compact design provides loads of kitchen play!

25 Dec 2012

Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices & Applications (8th Edition)

This renowned book offers a comprehensive yet practical exploration of basic electrical and electronic concepts, hands-on applications, and troubleshooting. Written in a clear and accessible narrative, the Seventh Edition focuses on fundamental principles and their applications to solving real circuit analysis problems, and devotes six chapters to examining electronic devices.  Some key features include:


  • Symptom/Cause” problems, and exercises on Multisim circuits on CD-ROM.
  • Key terms glossary–Furnished at the end of each chapter.
  • Vivid illustrations.
  • Numerous examples in each chapter–Illustrate major concepts, theorems, and methods.

    This is a perfect reference for professionals with a career in electronics, engineering, technical sales, field service, industrial manufacturing, service shop repair, and/or technical writing.

    25 Dec 2012

    Hydrofarm JSV2 2-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System

    The 2 ft wide Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. The super efficient T5 lights help you grow faster by providing 15-20% more lumens than traditional grow lights. It features a simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment, and the fixture has an internal reflective finish that directs more light to plants. Ideal for African Violets, orchids, flowering bulbs, vegetables, seedlings and cuttings. Super easy assembly.

    21 Dec 2012

    Emergency Food Survival Seed Non-gmo Non-hybrid Gift Variety Pack Retail for $135

    Look around. Why has the price of food doubled in the last year? Why is it still rising? Supply and demand food supplies will eventually dry up, Non-Hybrid Non-GMO Vegetable Seed will SUSTAIN OUR FOOD NEEDS WHEN CANNED(expired), FREEZE DRIED(destroyed) and all other food sources are gone ! The New World Order and the Global Economy are here NOW!! The UN AGENDA 21 CALLS FOR Sustainable Development. GO GREEN !!


    Florida Home Grown


    TESTED 2/10 98 % Germination
    Packed 04/2010

    Your order will include 2,500 Total Non-Hybrid seeds of the follow varieties:

    1.MANALUCIE TOMATO (150 SEEDS)great hot weather variety very tasty

    2. Blue Lake Snap Bean great flavor(50 seeds)

    3. Dark Red Kidney Bean great in chili (50 seeds)

    4. Butter Crunch Lettuce (450 seeds)

    5. GREEN Broccoli (200 seeds)

    6. CABBAGE ALL SEASON (100 seeds)

    7. LITTLE FINGERS CARROT very tasty(300 seeds)

    8. Golden Bantam Sweet Corn (50 seeds)

    9. Cantaloupe Planter’s JUMBO (50 seeds)

    10. Marketmore Cucumber (50 seeds) all time favorite

    11.Ashley Cucumber (50 seeds)

    12. Eggplant black beauty(50 seeds)

    13. Cherry Belle Radish (50 seeds)salad favorite

    14. Spinach (50 seeds)

    15.California Wonder Bell Pepper (50 seeds)

    16. Jalapeno Pepper (50 seeds) A favorite

    17. Florida Giant Watermelon (50 huge seeds)50 lb watermelons super tasty too

    18. Yellow Crookneck Squash (50 seeds)

    19. Zucchini Black Beauty (50 seeds) Great In Italian Recipes

    20.Long Red Cayenne Pepper (50 seeds)
    21. ONION (100 seeds) Fast Grower Tastes Great

    22.Dark Red Beet (50 seeds) Great Taste

    23.Fordhook Lima Beans (50 seeds)

    24. Sunflower Seeds (50 seeds)

    25. BEEFSTEAK TOMATO (100 seed

    17 Dec 2012

    Dell Inspiron i15RN-2354BK 15-Inch Laptop (Diamond Black)

    Introducing the new Inspiron 15R laptop. With a 15.6-inch display, 2nd Gen Intel Core processors and optional switchable lid designs, you get the look you want and the performance you need

    16 Dec 2012

    KitchenArt Pro Auto-Measure Spice Carousel, Stainless Steel Satin

    The KitchenArt Professional Series features elegant award winning designs with patented features. These unique and beautiful utensils come in champagne satin finishes. Auto-Measure dial measures 1/4 tsp. with each click. Shakes and pours. 12 canisters. Includes 55 spice labels.

    14 Dec 2012

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