Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm: Writing Guidelines

About the readers

Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm is focused towards an audience of international readers for Hobby Farming. They are well informed, intelligent, and are seeking for articles that are both thought-provoking and entertaining. Use the Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm Writing Guidelines if you would like to contribute to our site.


The character of the article should be informative, articulate, educated, but not real strict but more casual. The writing style is relax and family friendly.

Kinds of articles

Stay focused on the subject! No one wants to read meandering, random articles that does not really say something or make any sense! Write a creative unique title, and an effective summary, which explains what the main topic of the article is.

The article should:

• Stay centered on your topic
• Offer exceptional researched information
• Give a background story to an important issue all while staying focused!
• Try an interview of a person or group so as to tell a story worth hearing about
• You can write anything else interesting, as long as it pertains to Hobby Farming.

You could choose to write on any subject as long as it pertains to the Hobby Farm Lifestyle. Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm is all about sustainable living, farming, family, and opinions, but if it is interesting then we will gladly publish the article!

The average articles will be between 200-600 words, although, if you need to use more words to get the story told then feel free. Just do not rattle on! Try to stay on your topic.

The article should be well-written in English, whether it is American or British.  The article should be informative and helpful to the reader.

Remain interesting

The article must remain interesting, and offer a new view, give a new angle, or provide some fresh information. In fleeting, be daring with it. Do not be boring!

Be unique

Diversity is the flavor of life, and flavor is what we are after! Do not just simply copy an article we have already published. If you have your own angle or spin on it that is fine, but remember to keep it entertaining!


Without saying, the article must not be inflammatory, discriminatory, or libelous. Your articles must not be published anonymously. They must be published under your real name or your pen name. Your article should have good English grammar and spelling all through article or it will be rejected.

No Swearing is acceptable in any fashion. Adult topics or any other adult material is not acceptable. Articles are more likely to be published if they contribute something new or interesting to the readers.


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