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January 2016



Canning Sausage Soup Today

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Sausage and tater soup

Another one of the soup recipes for canning for the cold winter months, but is good anytime of year. This is definitely comfort food. It is a hearty soup that warms you on a cold winter night. Sausage Soup Directions: Brown the sausage links in a frying pan. Cutting the links in half the lengthwise, then cut up in slices. Place the sausage, garlic, Stop light Sweet Bell Peppers, potatoes, onion and chicken broth in a pot. Pour just enough of the Chicken broth in the pot to barely cover the vegetables the meat, reduce the heat to a simmer. Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes to blend the flavors. Spoon all the ingredients from the pot in to Steilized Quart jars.  Bring the remaining liquid to a low boil before pouring it into the sterilized Quart jars with the potatoes and sausage. Wipe the rims of the jars off. Then place the lid and ring on the jars. Finger tighten these. Place the hot jars into a canner that has hot water already in it. This prevents the hot jars from breaking. Pressure can Quarts for 90 minutes on 10 psi. Serve with any of these: Crackers Fried […]



November 2013



Preserving the Bounty from Your Hobby Farm

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Hobby Farms have a bounty that should be preserved. It will depend on what you are farming as to how best to preserve the bounty, which is available. If it is vegetables you are farming, then canning and preserving them cannot only give you food for the winter, they can also be sold at a profit. Freezing, dehydrating and canning are all ways to preserve the bounty of your garden. This is just one avenue for preserving the bounty of your garden. Now if you are dealing with milk or meat, you have different options. Diary can be turned into milk or cheese. Depending on your options that are available, the extra cheese can either be sold or aged for later selling. Preserving milk from milk animals requires the process of refrigeration and pasteurization in order to keep it from going bad. Making ice cream can be an option to freezing milk. Milk can be used in many different recipes as well as being dried to make powdered milk options. Cheese making allows you to age the cheese until it is ready for sale or consumption. Storing it in a dark and cool place will keep it from going bad. […]



August 2012



Fixing Common Canning Problems

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Canning is not a complicated process, but there are times when problems can arise if there is a step is overlooked, chemistry of ingredients is upset or for any other reason. Fixing common canning problems is not difficult. Jelly Not Gelling Up There are times that the jelly simply will not gel. These can be contributed to not having the correct ratio of sugar to pectin. This will result in the jelly being runny. A number of factors contribute to canning problems such as not using lemon juice if called for in the recipe, less than the required amount of sugar was used or the fruit was to right. The fruit should be picked at just the right time to make sure the level of pectin has not dropped to low. A small batch that did not gel correctly can be used in place of traditional syrup. When it is a large batch you may decide to redo the entire process to get it to gel the way that is desired. The length of time required to set will vary for jams and jellies, wait until it has completely cooled to ensure that it is not going to set before […]



May 2012



Today’s Happenings on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm

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Plums Plums and more Plums will be picked today on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm. I only have 2 extremely large trees that make the bright red variety of plums and they are loaded. Today I am making a plum sauce (gelled like cranberry sauce) and plum jelly too. I have a few jars of plum juice canning for us to have to drink. It is really nice to serve hot with a cinnamon stick to stir it on a cold winter day. Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm Squash (yellow crookneck and straight neck, zucchini and patty) were all loaded yesterday, so I am sending some to work with Stan today for his boss, who was hinting he’d like to have some fresh squash. Later this afternoon, I will be picking snap beans and English peas. They are slowing down now so I hope to get enough for supper tonight.   We did our morning feeding of all our birds. Stan had moved the new Jumbo Coturnix quail from the brooder to a quail pen he recently made yesterday. We found only one dead this morning. It was the smallest one and I think it was a shock of the moving that may have […]

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