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November 2013



Housing Turkeys on a Farm

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The aim of housing turkeys is to protect them from sun, rain, wind, predators and provide comfort. In hotter areas, the long axis of the house should run from East to West. The distance between two houses should be at least 15 meters and the young stock house should be separate from the adult house. The width of the open house should not exceed 9 meters. The height of the house may vary from 2 to 3.3 meters from the floor to roof. An overhang of one meter should be provided to avoid the rainwater splash. The floor of the houses should be cheap, durable and safe, preferably moisture proof concrete. When turkeys are reared under deep litter system, the general housing conditions are similar to those of chicken but care should be taken to provide adequate floor space to accommodate them, water containers and feeders. Turkey is a large bird, therefore 0.4 to 0.5 square meters per bird is recommended. Usually a turkey house has a rectangular or square floor-base and made from wooden planks, roofing sheets, wire mesh and light fittings. In some cases, 0.75 meter height of block work forms the base of the house and the remaining […]



December 2012



The Mayan Doomsday, And Why It Doesn’t Spell Doom Part One

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Written by Micheal Stratford It’s known as the 2012 “phenomenon”, and there are hundreds of websites, crazed tweets and emails, along with nearly a million random comments (averaging around two hundred per website), all about it. We’re going to die, all of us, they tell us, and the cataclysm is coming December 21, 2012. And just in case you’ve been on Mars for a decade, or simply don’t want to plow through all those sites, here’s a very quick recap of the prediction, the reasoning behind it and the probability of it happening. One caveat—it won’t be that quick, since there’s quite a bit to cover, hence this is a two-parter. The scientific community, in brief, finds the prediction ridiculous, the reasoning flawed and the probability of occurrence non-existent. So why is the idea so popular, so widespread and so ingrained in our national mind-set, so much so that John Cusack’s biggest movie hit to date is 2012 (playing endlessly on TBS and TNT channels), a grand tableau of the disaster? It starts with the Mayans, who created their own calendar, like the Gregorian bean-counters and Sumerian rune-readers. The popular interpretation of this calendar has been that the 12/21/2012 date […]



August 2011



2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operation

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2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operation “2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Farm Operation” was published by QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on June 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind Farm Operation. In this report we focus on China domestic market and make comprehensive and objective reflection of China’s current status of wind farm operation. We also make a forecast of China Wind power market. At first, we make an introduction of the background knowledge of wind farm operation, including wind farm site layout etc, then in the theme part of the report, we make a detailed analysis of national wide wind power installed distribution, and introduce the wind farm operators systematically.20 main wind farm operators were detail analysis including their whole wind farm, installed Capacity, wind turbine manufacturers, wind turbine models, lifting time etc.   In addition, we also made analysis on China wind power policy and development plan. In the second chapter of the report, we made a statistics of China Top 11 wind farm operators’ cumulative installed capacity (MW) and new installed capacity (MW) during 2009-2014, and give their respective market share. We also made statistics of […]

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