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6 Top Heirloom Tomatoes

Many people who have tasted an heirloom tomato would agree it was the most delicious tomato they had ever eaten. These tomatoes are grown from tomato seeds that have been saved and passed through countless generations to persons or families. … Continue reading

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Hobby Farm Life Ramblings

Hobby Farm Life Ramblings for June 23rd. This is my account of things we had done so far on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm. During the Winter we added Horse manure to the garden plot. Yellow Straight Neck Squash have gone … Continue reading

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10 Reason to Eat Blackberries

It is Blackberry Season here on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm. Did you know that just one cup of blackberries has only 62 calories, 15 carbs, 1 gram fat, 8 grams fiber, 1 gram sodium and 2 grams protein?  Blackberries are … Continue reading

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Strawberry Facts And Uses

Strawberries make a great addition to any hobby farm. There are a number of uses for strawberry crops that make not only delicious but versatile dishes as well. Strawberry uses include topping desserts, eating raw, recipe ingredients for soups, deserts … Continue reading

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Fixing Common Canning Problems

Canning is not a complicated process, but there are times when problems can arise if there is a step is overlooked, chemistry of ingredients is upset or for any other reason. Fixing common canning problems is not difficult. Jelly Not … Continue reading

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Growing Fresh Vegetables In A Container Or Pot

Growing fresh vegetables from home doesn’t require a large plot of land.  Using a simple pot or container can be more viable to growing vegetables than acres and acres of farm land.  Any vegetable imaginable can be grown just as … Continue reading

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How To Winterize Your Citrus Trees.

It is often an uphill battle when trying to protect your cherished fruit trees from the ravages of winter. It is very frustrating to lose your citrus tree’s fruits to frost and can set back months of hard labor in … Continue reading

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October Fruit Tree Swap

Here at Sunnyside lane we are holding a fruit tree swap. If you are interested in swapping fruit tree and you are in the USA or Canada please let us know by leaving a comment below. This fruit tree swap … Continue reading

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What are the Health Benefits of Blueberry Juice?

During the month of May fresh trays of blueberries begin to appear on grocery shelves, and although these delightful treats are best fresh you can find them frozen year round. So there are no excuses for failing to incorporating these … Continue reading

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