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June 2014



Hobby Farm Life Ramblings

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Hobby Farm Life Ramblings for June 23rd. This is my account of things we had done so far on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm. During the Winter we added Horse manure to the garden plot. Yellow Straight Neck Squash have gone crazy. My goal was 52 qts for the year. I made that, gave away several buckets full to kids, my mother, and friends. We are still canning Squash today and will need to pick it again tomorrow. We planted Country Gentleman White corn, but it didn’t do well. I just discovered some of the ears have Smut on them. We had to burn them. We do plan to plant more for a second garden later. Did get some cornsilk to dry for my medicine cabinet. Stan went crazy on planting all the seeds I gathered and didn’t realize he had planted okra. It is not even a foot tall and is trying to bloom on us.Don’t think it is gonna do good either. Our Cabbage Collards are doing fine. I planted them thick and we have been eating what we thin out. I have even managed to can a few qts of them. Our Tomatoes are just beginning to make, […]



September 2011



Grumpy old Men at the Grocery

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Guest post written by Joseph Finch I end up going to the grocery store at least three times a week. I am not good a making grocery lists and planning meals for the week. At our local grocery, there is a coffee shop and deli with a rather large seating area. Each time I go to the store around lunch, there are always the same to old men sitting in the café chairs that they have moved to the porch. They are eating lunch and always seem to be having a heated discussion. Sometimes I feel like they are just short of arguing. The chemistry between the two remind me of “Grumpy Old Men”. Each day they are talking about something different. Today in passing I overheard them talking about logging onto The day before I heard them arguing about how to make the perfect Kansas City style bar-b-q.. Even though they are probably ninety, they are passionate about how they think and feel. If you overheard them you may think that they were enemies, but when you see them, it is obvious that they are lifelong friends.

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