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August 2014



Adding to our Herd of Horses

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This morning our house in in a rush to to get their +breakfast finished and all the animals feed too. Why do you ask? We are planning on adding two more female +horses to our farm this afternoon.   My husband and daughter are checking the the fencing to reassure it is secure. They are inspecting the horse trailer to make sure it is safe to use to transport the two new horses.   Everyone is so excited. We already have a +Cremello Quarter horse (Pictured above) and a Tennessee Walking Horse. The two horses that we are adding to the farm are Buckskin Quarter #horses.   Photo is the property of Teresa Fikes This post is copyrighted. Plagiarism is punishable by law and I will proscute the person doing it.



April 2014



Part 1: Rescue Tennessee Walking Horses

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My husband and I have just added one #Tennessee Walking #Horse and one quarter horse that are rescue to our Hobby Farm. The one that is a #Tennessee #Walking Horse is Red with a Strawberry Blonde Maine and Tail. He is a senior horse at the age of 19 years. His previous owner told us that he was a show horse but once he was injured they could not afford to keep him. Since he was a Gelding they could not even breed him to earn any money. We were told over a year ago, this once beautiful horse got loose and darted out in front of a car that was pulling into the parking area. No human was hurt, but this beautiful thoroughbred Tennessee Walker was on the ground with a shattered knee. This horse was going to cost them a lot in Veterinarian Bills in the hopes he would heal properly and once again have the high stepping gait he once had. They backed off on his food to remove any extra weight he had in the hopes of the knee healing the way it should. The efforts were fruitless. Scar tissue developed and the Veterinarian told them he […]

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