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November 2014



Happy Thanksgiving! Menu?

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Today is our Thanksgiving Day. We are planning for family and friends to start showing up around lunch time today and will stay with us all day. Some people may even stay all night with us. This morning my husband has the yard and porch all set up and ready for the over flow of people we are expecting to start showing up. I am very excited and buzzing around making sure everything it ready.   Yesterday I started cooking so I can just enjoy everyone’s company today. What I am adding to our Thanksgiving Day Feast? 1 Baked Ham, sliced 1 Roasted Turkey (15 lbs) with dressing 1 large bowl of Collards 1 large bowl of Turnips greens with the roots 1 Lemon Pound Cake 1 Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing 2 Egg Custard pies Fresh Kumquats, Tangerines, Apples and Bananas 1 plater of sliced onions, tomatoes, pickles 1 saucer with homemade Cranberry Sauce 4 Jugs of Sweet Tea The coffee Pot will be working over time today too. I just hope someone brings paper plates so we don’t have a lot of dishes to wash. What are your plans for today? After eating our midday meal, we […]



November 2013



Housing Turkeys on a Farm

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The aim of housing turkeys is to protect them from sun, rain, wind, predators and provide comfort. In hotter areas, the long axis of the house should run from East to West. The distance between two houses should be at least 15 meters and the young stock house should be separate from the adult house. The width of the open house should not exceed 9 meters. The height of the house may vary from 2 to 3.3 meters from the floor to roof. An overhang of one meter should be provided to avoid the rainwater splash. The floor of the houses should be cheap, durable and safe, preferably moisture proof concrete. When turkeys are reared under deep litter system, the general housing conditions are similar to those of chicken but care should be taken to provide adequate floor space to accommodate them, water containers and feeders. Turkey is a large bird, therefore 0.4 to 0.5 square meters per bird is recommended. Usually a turkey house has a rectangular or square floor-base and made from wooden planks, roofing sheets, wire mesh and light fittings. In some cases, 0.75 meter height of block work forms the base of the house and the remaining […]



November 2013



Friday Morning Ramblings on the Hobby Farm

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After my first pot of coffee this morning, I will again become awake. My husband is building a small fire in the livingroom fireplace to knock the chill off the air this morning. He worked the nightshift again last night and will be snuggling into the bed soon. I am glad he has the next two days off. He needs some rest and we still have some winterizing to do around the farm. After feeding all the animals including myself this morning, I will start raking and cleaning the yard today. Removing some of the dead plants from the flower and vegetable beds around the house itself will help to add to our compost bins today. There is plastic to hang over the Rabbit Houses, chicken coop, duck pens, and the goat house. When my husband gets up he will be running some of the wiring for the new heat lamps we have for all the animals housing. We plan to keep them all warm this winter. Reminds me of the Aviary we had. It was warmer than our own house at times and I loved spending hours in there with the animals just watching and listening to them. I […]

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